Optional Services

Every customer’s journey is important to us and we offer the following optional services to give you greater flexibility:

  • Book a short notice test
  • Book a Sunday test
  • Buy the official handbook
  • Book a test centre for additional privacy

All optional services are charged in addition to the standard test fee.

If you think an optional service is what you require please click the 'find out more' link.

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Book your Life in the UK test

If you have not yet prepared for your test, please see http://www.gov.uk/life-in-the-uk-test/overview

Each person who wants to take a test will need to book separately.

To book your test you will need:

At your test you will need to prove your identity. If you fail to do so you will not be able to take the test and will not get a refund.

What to expect on the day of the test (We will also show you this information after you have booked your test)

Start your booking

If you would like to buy a copy of the official Life in the UK guide book please click on the link below:
Click here to buy the guide book